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Online Meetings and Clinics ARE HERE.

What's in Store:

  • Seamless Integration: Host virtual coaching sessions and staff meetings with ease, thanks to our seamless integration with Zoom.

  • Attendance Tracking: Keep tabs on participant attendance effortlessly​y, ensuring you have a clear record of who's engaged in your virtual sessions.

  • Certificates of Participation: Recognize and reward commitment! FlipBiz will automatically generate certificates for participants, adding a touch of achievement to each virtual interaction.

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Why Go Virtual?

Embrace the future of coaching with FlipBiz. Elevate your virtual clinics and meetings to new levels of efficiency and engagement. Sign up for a free trial today and be ready to lead your team into a new era of coaching excellence!

On a Video Call

Expand Your Reach:

Break geographical boundaries and connect with your team, no matter where they are.

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Efficiency Redefined:

Streamline communication, track progress, and enhance collaboration—all within the FlipBiz ecosystem.


Certificates for Motivation:

Boost motivation with personalized certificates, turning every virtual interaction into a meaningful milestone.

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