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The Ultimate Ninja Resource

We Train Your Staff - Skills and Drils Content for Ninja Programs - Merch to Systemize Your Program


Introducing our new Ninja Program exclusively for FlipBiz Pro Members! Our program offers comprehensive training for your staff, including skills and drills content to enhance your program. We also provide merchandising solutions to help you systemize your program and take it to the next level. Get your FlipBiz Portal today and be sure your club and staff have the tools necessary to be successful!

Training Material with Drills and Skills

Ninja Training Material: Empower your staff with our comprehensive training resources tailored specifically for ninja programs. Our expertly curated material ensures that your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional training sessions, fostering growth and skill development among participants.


Drills & Skill Content for Ninja Programs: Engage your ninjas with dynamic drills and skill-building exercises designed to enhance their capabilities and performance. Our innovative content not only keeps participants motivated but also ensures consistent progress and achievement of milestones.

Join us in revolutionizing your ninja program with FlipNinja. Elevate your offerings, inspire your participants, and achieve new levels of success in ninja training!

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Get jumpstarted on your training and implementation of our content that will be coming out regularly to improve your program!  You will see our merch, tiered leveling system headbands, shirts, and more to be sure your gym starts ahead with branding that corresponds with the training material and skills that are found in your FlipBiz Pro Portal!

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You're getting more than Ninja content.  Get more for less than you'll find anywhere.  This is an investment you'll see results with!


No Financial Commitment

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